Survive and Thrive

The Lighthouse Group helps organizations survive and thrive in today’s very competitive economy.

Organizations are often faced with cost improvement efforts that reduce staff but leave critical processes incapable of meeting market needs. Some have termed this the ‘death spiral' which leads to loss of business, profit and the potential for business failure. Without sufficient internal resources many organizations hire high profile consulting companies to help, but find the improvements vanish soon after the consulting assignment is completed. To overcome this problem the Lighthouse Group focuses on the development of internal capabilities and if required, the use of retained expertise. The focus is on continual value improvement not implementing the latest business fad.

According to several major studies, in the past 25 years over 70% of the strategic change or improvement efforts have failed. Do not let that happen to your organization.

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Continual Value Improvement - CVI

Continually improving the value of the organization for:

  1. Customers
  2. Owners and shareholders
  3. Employees and stakeholders
  4. Community and Environment